8 Useful Tips for Catalog Design

A catalog design is more than using a collection of colorful pages. One needs to be creative and attractive enough to start an interest among prospective users and buyers. Your service or product selection may be a good choose but if the catalog design is not good; your sales are likely to go nowhere. A good catalog design creates a buzz that forces users to buy the product or the service even if they do not really need the product or the service. Below are simple tips that can make your catalog design better and more attractive for the users.

1. Ensure your catalog reflects your brand identity

If your store looks different than your catalog, which is totally different from your website, then you have a big problem. Customers must enjoy the same brand experience everywhere they shop. Therefore catalog design demand more than just using your business colors. When you translate your brand personality across all media, you assure your customers that they will receive the same service and quality wherever they shop. 

2. The catalog should be clear and simple

A clear and a simple catalog design will assure that customers are able to shop for products and services easily. An uneasily created product catalog design would fail to bag sales.

3. Understand your customers

Knowing who your customers are is essential for choosing your merchandise, designing your photographs, describing your products and developing your mailing list. Understanding your customers will also help you determine the image your present.

4. Page Layout

Always keep in mind that product is the focus of catalog designing. Remember to place the products in the catalog design in a format that the viewer can easily identify what is being sold and at what price. Always ensure the products and the prices are visibly noticeable

5. Think in terms of the whole catalog, not the pieces

A common mistake that many people make is focusing on what goes on the page and not the visual impact of the whole catalog. This can lead to boring lookalike spreads. Always focus on the design of the whole catalog.

6. Make the catalog attractive

Another common mistake that people make is making the most expensive service or product the biggest object on the page. Remember that the goal of catalog design is not to sell just one product, but to make the whole catalog sell. When you make the editorial concept of the catalog more attractive and interesting, many people will spend more time with it, and this will make more things in the catalog to sell.

7. Do not make catalog pages too complex

If you make your products with complex propping, you will actually confuse the reader. Therefore when presenting complex photographs, reduce the number used and make them large enough to be clear.

8. Remember to include an order form 

Since a lot of actual ordering is done by phone, some catalog designers think that an order form is unnecessary. However, recent research has shown that customers like a printed order form to be able to list and consolidate their purchases and also get the information they need.