The Catalog Printing Prospective

Every week, years in year out catalogs keep showing up in our mail boxes. This surprises a lot of individuals as they all thought the days of catalog printing are over. The catalog printing business costs a lot of money when it comes to creating and also mailing first rate catalogs. Many people think the internet was supposed to handle this catalog job but the question still remaining is what happened? The answer to the question is quite a complicated one.

For beginners most people like to have printed anything from catalogs to newspapers. Surveys even show that a majority of the population still prefer the printed magazines to the “e-zine”. To be more precise a majority of 95% loudly acclaimed to be much in touch with the printed versions of many reading materials.

The most obvious reason of catalog printing or any other form of printing for that matter is the tactility. The only laborious task one will have to endure is flipping and turning the pages as opposed to the sitting in front of a computer and typing what you need to be searched. Printed catalogs can be held up, put down and picked up again and again for days or even weeks in your home or office.

With majority of the population on the internet, catalog printing is still making profits in the billions and the reason for this is the strong foundation in the direct marketing strategy. They offer more than just paying for the cost of getting them to the consumers or customers. To be more precise 12 billion catalogs were emailed in the U.S alone the years 2010 which was a slight drop from the previous year. The reason for the drop was mainly the increased investment into SEO and PPC which have interned improved e-commerce.

People still order for catalogs through four ways mainly and this keeps the catalog printing business booming but not as previously experienced. With the much investment in improving e-commerce, catalogs are being ordered via the internet, read and the consumer make orders of their desired product online or through other means.

Catalogs are sold each and every month and more orders are made just before holidays are embarked on. Several catalog printing companies have tracked their orders and found that the customer trends are as follows: About 70% of those who order are women; more than 50% of those who order are married and own a home. When it comes to ordering the catalogs there hasn’t been much consistency as per which channel of ordering is most preferred. 

It’s undeniable that catalogs have a huge market share in the marketing world but this does not mean the catalog printing industry has to keep mailing them by the tons. The fact that the industry is not dead does not mean that the overall catalogs mailed will increase in the years to come. Many of the original catalog printing companies of the 80’s have disappeared, bought or even merged with few survivors. The survivability of the catalog industry will be achieved when they shift from mail by the ton prospective to “smart mailing” literally.