How to Find Quality Catalog Printing

Many companies print catalogs to send to their customers showcasing their products and merchandise. Many of these companies rely heavily upon catalog sales to generate income and keep them in business. There are also many companies that rely solely upon catalog sales for their business. For this reason it is extremely important to find a quality catalog printing company.

Catalog printing is a very cost effective way to increase the sales of your company. It is important to use high quality photos and printing techniques to appeal to your customers. By using an attractive, high quality printing for your catalog, sales booklets or marketing pamphlets you will appeal to your customers. For companies that rely solely on catalogs for sales it is extremely important to have a high quality product. Customers will base the quality of whatever product you are offering on how nice your sales catalog is. If your catalog is not professional looking, easy to read and appealing, your customers may go elsewhere to order what they need.

Your Catalog Is An Extension Of Your Business

When you send out catalogs to your customers you are sending out a message about your company and its image. A professional quality catalog will send out the message that your business is professional and high quality. A confusing, cluttered and low quality catalog will send out the message that your company does not care about the details and is not making a quality product. So it is very important that your catalog sends the right message to your customers.

Having A High Quality Catalog Will Increase Your Sales

When your catalog is user friendly and offers many full color pictures, high quality paper and an organized layout it will increase the sales that you get through that catalog, Having an attractive and professional looking catalog can also entice new customers to look into your products and services further increasing your profit margin.

Catalogs Are A Great Way To Market Your Products And Services

Catalogs provide you with the opportunity of marketing your products and services to a population that would not normally be able to take advantage of them. For instance if you have a business in Sydney you can market your products to people all over Australia, not just in the Sydney area. You can even market your products to people around the world, further expanding your sales base and increasing your profit. The very nature of catalogs and the exposure that they give you demands that you use the highest quality catalog printing service available to take full advantage of the limitless sales opportunity that they provide. Sales catalogs can be taken anywhere and go anywhere giving you an unlimited potential.

Catalogs Are Convenient For Your Customers

Another great aspect to catalogs is that they allow your customers to shop at their convenience and browse at their own discretion. This is especially beneficial in the fast paced and busy world in which we live.

Elements of Effective Catalog Design

One may think that a physical catalog isn’t necessary anymore in this digital era, but guess again. A professionally designed and printed catalog can be a vital lead-nurturing tool. When you meet someone face-to-face for the first time, whether it be at an event, trade show or an initial sales meeting, you take the time to learn about each other’s businesses. But what happens after you leave? A well-executed catalog design will remind your prospect of the services you offer and, most importantly, what sets you apart from the competition.

In an initial contact, a catalog can be more effective than any other marketing asset because it’s immediate. Your prospect won’t necessarily take the time to visit your website after an initial meeting. Since the brochure is right in front of them, it will often intrigue them to learn more about your firm and then visit your website.

A professionally designed print catalog is especially important for small businesses. It builds credibility by conveying important messages about the value of your product or service. It helps to build your brand, and positions you as a legitimate business in the minds of prospects and customers.

To connect with readers, every catalog needs three essential design elements:

Attention-grabbing cover. Chances are your prospects have very short attention spans. If your catalog cover doesn’t immediately catch their eye and pique their interest, they won’t open and read the rest of the brochure. To get the attention of your target audience, combine a visually appealing design with an attention-grabbing headline that addresses a powerful benefit for your customers.
Compelling content. You care more about your business than your prospects do; they aren’t interested in a detailed history of your business. Instead, they want to know how your product or service can help them save time, lower costs, get more sales, or run their business more effectively. Focus your content on the problems and challenges your customers face and how you solve them better than your competitors. Use graphs, charts or images to help support your content, and convey your message more quickly.
Powerful call to action. The primary purpose of a catalog is to move people to the next phase of the sales cycle. Do you want them to visit your web site? Pick up the phone and call for a free estimate? Contact you via email to receive a downloadable white paper? A good call to action tells your readers exactly what you want them to do. It also stands out from the rest of the copy so that readers can’t miss it.

From a visual standpoint, a catalog needs to appeal to your specific audience. For example, if you serve a more conservative market, edgy or trendy design elements might look clever to you, but they don’t reflect the mindset of your readers.

At the same time, consider the image you want to project as a business. Most B2B firms use a matte finish on their catalog because it looks more distinguished and professional. Retail companies tend to use glossy finishes, as they make product pictures and images stand out more.

Your design and layout of inside pages should work well with the content. Use benefit-driven headers and sub-headers to catch the reader’s eye. Include plenty of white space to make the catalog easy to read.

Make sure the catalog visual elements – color, imagery, font, logo, etc. – align with and support your brand. Consistency of brand image is a key ingredient in earning your prospect’s trust.

Finally, never shy away from a professionally designed catalog because of cost. When done well, the return you receive will far outweigh the money you invest in growing your business.

Choosing a Catalog Printing Service – 2 Key Factors to Consider

When the concept of online catalog printing was introduced to the market, printing industry has completely revolutionized. Businessmen and clients enjoy quality services and at the comfort of their homes. There are many companies today that offer the services based on what clients need. Some of the services including brochure designing have enabled businessmen in other niches to achieve their marketing and advertisement goals cost effectively. However, when choosing a printing service from a company, whether you are reproducing worksheets, posters, brochures and business cards among other documents, there are two key factors that you should always consider. Convenience and customer service are two crucial factors that you should always keep in mind whether you are a small or a large establishment.


When choosing a catalog printing service, it is imperative to ensure convenience. There are many companies in the market today and the quality of products and services they offer vary greatly. When it comes to convenience, it is essential to look at the pricing and quality of work a company delivers. The final product say of a flyer, a catalog, poster or brochure should enable you to meet your needs best. Find a provider that uses the best tools and has complete knowledge of the products you are looking for to enhance convenience. Additionally, you may need different products for a special function. In this relevance, a provider that delivers quality and specialized catalog printing options is the best to settle for to enhance convenience. Therefore, take time to carry out a background research about a service provider and look at the options it offers. It should guarantee convenience in every aspect ranging from the price to the quality of services it delivers.

Quality of customer service

It is also very important to look for a catalog printing service company that offers quality customer care. In any business, the success of a company largely depends on how clients are handled. Irrespective of printing services you are looking for, it is essential to look for a company that offers personalized attention. It should understand your needs fully and offer customized solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals efficiently. Since many companies allow clients to post testimonials and reviews. Therefore, take time to go through client reviews to learn of how a provider handles its clients. It should offer the best customer care, beat deadlines, should be friendly and highly knowledgeable in the field. A provider should also be dedicated to offer the best options and meet the demands of all your catalog printing orders comfortably. With quality customer care, you can rest assured of the best possible results.

The Catalog Printing Prospective

Every week, years in year out catalogs keep showing up in our mail boxes. This surprises a lot of individuals as they all thought the days of catalog printing are over. The catalog printing business costs a lot of money when it comes to creating and also mailing first rate catalogs. Many people think the internet was supposed to handle this catalog job but the question still remaining is what happened? The answer to the question is quite a complicated one.

For beginners most people like to have printed anything from catalogs to newspapers. Surveys even show that a majority of the population still prefer the printed magazines to the “e-zine”. To be more precise a majority of 95% loudly acclaimed to be much in touch with the printed versions of many reading materials.

The most obvious reason of catalog printing or any other form of printing for that matter is the tactility. The only laborious task one will have to endure is flipping and turning the pages as opposed to the sitting in front of a computer and typing what you need to be searched. Printed catalogs can be held up, put down and picked up again and again for days or even weeks in your home or office.

With majority of the population on the internet, catalog printing is still making profits in the billions and the reason for this is the strong foundation in the direct marketing strategy. They offer more than just paying for the cost of getting them to the consumers or customers. To be more precise 12 billion catalogs were emailed in the U.S alone the years 2010 which was a slight drop from the previous year. The reason for the drop was mainly the increased investment into SEO and PPC which have interned improved e-commerce.

People still order for catalogs through four ways mainly and this keeps the catalog printing business booming but not as previously experienced. With the much investment in improving e-commerce, catalogs are being ordered via the internet, read and the consumer make orders of their desired product online or through other means.

Catalogs are sold each and every month and more orders are made just before holidays are embarked on. Several catalog printing companies have tracked their orders and found that the customer trends are as follows: About 70% of those who order are women; more than 50% of those who order are married and own a home. When it comes to ordering the catalogs there hasn’t been much consistency as per which channel of ordering is most preferred. 

It’s undeniable that catalogs have a huge market share in the marketing world but this does not mean the catalog printing industry has to keep mailing them by the tons. The fact that the industry is not dead does not mean that the overall catalogs mailed will increase in the years to come. Many of the original catalog printing companies of the 80’s have disappeared, bought or even merged with few survivors. The survivability of the catalog industry will be achieved when they shift from mail by the ton prospective to “smart mailing” literally.

Catalog printing tips and tricks: Learn what works and what doesn’t

As you probably know, catalogs can be a very effective method of selling goods or services to your customers. Not only are they effective and relatively inexpensive but also just about everybody understands how to use them. But how can you ensure that your catalog does what you want them to do? It is important to note that being effective does not necessarily mean that they will work for everybody. Below are the things that you need to do to ensure that your catalog printing achieves the marketing purpose for which it was intended.

1. Have a plan

Prior to starting, it is critical that you plan what you want your catalog to do. What do you need it for? Do you want to inform potential clients of the services that you offer? Are you interested in increasing brand awareness? Do you want to showcase your goods or services?

Put your goals in writing and ensure that you do not digress into including the things that are not related directly. You are free to make a more detailed and lengthier catalog when you have the time.

2. Your structure must be clear

For instance, your catalog is to have eight pages. Since one page is going to be the front cover, it means there are only seven that are left for you. For each page of info that you want to have, make use post-it notes. Also, rearrange the pages on a board, table or a wall until you make up your mind on the structure that you want. You may include the following in your pages:
• About Us
• Our Products
• Our Services
• Why we are different
• Pricing
• Market Research
• Facts and Figures
• Large full-out images
• Social Media and contact details

Decide on the amount of space to be taken by each element and remove anything that seems not to add any value.

3. Maintain your brand

Besides the words that you use, it is important that your catalog’s look and feel promote your company’s image and also communicate something about your outlook and philosophy. Irrespective of whether you are setting up a sleek wine bar, or you have a vibrant publishing venture, it is important that the typescripts, image and colors you use remain consistent throughout your catalog and also be on brand.

Fortunately, you probably did majority of this at the time of designing your logo. You probably selected your company colors too, which means that you already have a pattern to follow. If you manage to make your web and printed collateral to look as if they belong together, you are about to make a robust branding statement as well as build a loyal following.

4. Accuracy is the name of the game

Grammatical mistakes and bad spelling can spoil what would have been a magnificent catalog. The result is that your firm may come across as unprofessional. The logic is that if you can easily make a mistake with the printing of your catalog, there are high chances that you will make mistakes with your customers’ projects. Even if you cannot get a professional proofreader, trying getting a couple of other eyes to also go through it. Check and check again to be completely sure of your spellings, grammar and consistency (do not mix US and UK spellings).

5. Keep it compelling

Make sure that your writing is concise, which means avoiding lengthy descriptions and flowery language. In particular, your first paragraph is very crucial. Make it interesting enough and your readers will easily be compelled to continue reading. Ensure that your choice of vocabulary and your sentence length relate to your target audience. Do not use jargon but use professional and conversational tone.
Where possible, include some impact statistics. A shocking or a surprising fact is not only memorable but also creates talking points.

6. Use images of people

Research shows that if you include a real-life image of an individual, the eyes of the reader is likely to be first drawn to image and more so to the eyes. It has also been shown that the mood of the individual in the photo can impact branding and sales.


Catalogs might be the easiest and the most effective ways to market a startup . After all they are easy to use and quite cheap compared to other forms of advertising. For any catalog printing to be effective to your marketing, it is important that you take the above tips into consideration.

Catalog Marketing Ideas For Printed Catalogs!

I’m going to share some catalog advertising and marketing details with you! Catalog advertising and marketing truth: 25% to 30% of clients begin studying someplace aside from initially! Interesting, however how can we use this data?

Well, we appear to design catalogs with the whole lot in logical order from the entrance cowl. We clarify issues, inform them who we’re and stuff like that in the beginning of every catalog. While there’s nothing unsuitable with this, and I’m not suggesting we alter it, what I take note of is increasing it.

What if we had been to scatter extra data all through the catalog? Info on who we’re and what we’re providing in addition to to maintain reminding them of why they need to purchase from us, not our rivals.

That heat and fuzzy stuff you often put at first of your catalog: Letter From The President, Guarantee, Photos of The Employees, and Photo of Your Building. We ought to attempt to scatter extra of this all through the remainder of your catalog. Especially your highly effective Guarantee! (What, you do not have a robust assure? Contact me proper now!)

This assure needs to be on quite a few your pages and now known after which in your copy! It’s wonderful many gross sales are made not solely as a result of there’s a assure, however as a result of it’s highly effective, I surprise what number of gross sales are misplaced as a result of there isn’t a assure or as a result of it’s a adverse one?

Wonder what number of extra returns you’ll get if prolong the size of your assure? Or even drop the time restrict? By how a lot can a assure improve your catalog response?

So, let’s do our promoting on each web page of our catalog. Then regardless of the place somebody begins studying, they are going to be offered. Too many catalogs are boring. While they could have a pleasant letter originally of their catalog, the remainder of the pages are chilly. Gee whiz, step one in promoting is be pleasant.

I could also be getting off the topic somewhat right here, however it’s onerous to carry me again… I really feel that the best catalog is one which units a pleasant, useful tone that is carried over to each a part of the catalog.

Don’t simply have a letter initially, after which ignore them all through the remainder of the catalog! This similar particular person that’s making an attempt to be pleasant within the letter ought to be there in all of the copy all through the catalog with the identical pleasant useful tone.

Guide them, level out issues. When writing copy, do not restrict the dialog to simply this product. “Remember that crimson gown we have been on web page H, would not this go nice with it?” or “Of course this can look nice on you and please take a look at the purple belt on web page 23 that appears to be made only for this gown” Use your catalog to guide them, assist them, make them really feel appreciated, flip them into mates so they may need to order from you and hold coming again!

When you might be executed studying this, remember to click on on the “EXAMPLES” navigation button on the prime to see how I’ve finished this in some catalogs I’ve created.

While we’re discussing letters from the president, ensures and stuff like that, I’ve seen too many catalogs (particularly S-to-C) that muddle up the primary few pages with boring stuff.

I wish to see a big, highly effective letter from the president on the within entrance cowl and perhaps your assure and a photograph of the employees. But no ordering information or different stuff on the following web page. Let them see what you’re providing earlier than they get bored and depart.

Use web page B to begin promoting your strongest merchandise. Show some nice stuff popping off the web page. That’s what they got here right here for, give it to them! Maybe use this web page for bargains, clearance gadgets, new releases or one thing particular like that. Make it thrilling, have these merchandise attain off the web page and seize that prospect!

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: N out of 10 advertising and marketing executives say plenty of footage are probably the most useful function a catalog crossing their desk can supply.

Did you catch that? Yes, even a B-to-B catalog wants nice wanting photographs and loads of them! If that is so necessary, why is it that almost all O-to-C catalogs are downright boring?

And there’s extra to it than simply placing numerous product pictures in your catalog, make the content material of the images fascinating after which deliver the layouts to life and make them thrilling. Use border edge remedies. Drop shadows, overlap photographs, have the images overlapping different components and increasing off the pages edges!

When you’ve a variety of comparable product images on a web page with all of them about the identical dimension, it’s boring and none of them will get seen. The reader will simply go on to the subsequent web page or internet catalog. Just take one of many pictures and make it bigger than the others. Play up this product and ensure it will get seen. Now that you’ve grabbed their consideration, they will even take a look at the remainder of your merchandise on that web page.

Have you observed how boring the product images in S-to-C catalogs are? Just a shot of the product. I wish to see folks utilizing the merchandise, demonstrating them, bringing them to life! You can be amazed at this is able to do on your earnings! Do you bear in mind all these Viking Office Products catalogs that had giant images of the CEO holding merchandise, pointing them out to you, or handing them to you? That stuff works! Most people would like to purchase from a human than a useless catalog. So deliver your catalog to life!

And now for one of the highly effective promoting issues you are able to do… use picture captions! Somewhere in my “CATALOG FACTS & FIGURES” report I’ve talked about that share that it could possibly increase gross sales for a product. Take my phrase for it, it really works!

This is such a good way to get your message throughout. It’s human nature, they see the photograph and look beneath it to learn what it is about. The information present that the very first thing the take a look at on a web page is the picture and quantity P is the picture caption. That’s why is so essential to place your catalog copy underneath every picture.

Don’t make them attempt to match the copy to a photograph by matching up a letter or quantity someplace else on the web page. So typically this accomplished by people extra desirous about a pleasant web page design than making a sale. Be prepared, have your descriptive and promoting information proper there, that is your alternative to make a sale, do not blow it.

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: The A most distinguished areas in a catalog are: B. Front Cover, P. Back Cover, O. Center P Pages, A. First P Pages Inside the Front Cover.

OK, I’m certain you’ve got realized this already. Interesting although what number of catalogers aren’t taking full benefit of many of those highly effective areas. I’ve seen so many again covers which might be simply wasted area. And what number of instances have you ever opened up a catalog to heart and located boring stuff there? This is the spot for a robust P-web page unfold that can knock-their-socks-off!

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: 33% of selling executives need catalogs to be extra particular to their enterprise.

It is smart, the extra your C-to-O catalog is tailor-made to every sort of enterprise with particular covers and duplicate, the larger your gross sales.

A pal of mine produces a catalog stuffed filled with his scheduling and planning merchandise. He takes benefit of this by utilizing a unique cowl for every phase his prospecting catalogs are mailed to. For occasion, if he is mailing to automotive sellers, the quilt exhibits his merchandise be used at a automobile showroom. Sure, it is much more work, nevertheless it pays off!

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: A examine primarily based on 224 folks over F years, confirmed that when utilizing a serif typeface in junk mail and catalogs, sixty seven% confirmed good comprehension in contrast with solely 12% when sans-serif is used.

Making a catalog simple to learn and observe is so essential. When we begin utilizing kind kinds and graphics foolishly, we’re liable to harm our outcomes. Our first consideration must be what makes it best for that potential buyer to learn and perceive.

You want them to learn and be satisfied by you are your catalog copy to be able to get that order out of them. Remember, it takes a effectively thought out format simply to get that reader to start out studying our copy.

There are so many little issues that may get them to surrender and transfer on, akin to small sort, sort in exhausting to see colours, designs beneath the copy or kind made to type a particular form. That’s all it takes.

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: Copy that provides the reader useful recommendation will get 75% extra readership than copy that simply offers with the merchandise.

Not solely are you going to hook extra of them, however they may notice you’re an skilled within the subject, purchase extra from you and in addition preserve that catalog round loads longer.

A good instance of that is the PC Nametag Catalog which accommodates assembly ideas.

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: Adding suggestions, strategies and concepts to your catalog copy and aspect bars will increase response and catalog retention. One cataloger examined this and confirmed a 50% improve in response.

OK, after studying the earlier merchandise, you had been in all probability saying “Yeah, seventy five% extra readership, however did it enhance outcomes?” So that truth is for you!

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: 25% of Tonquish Creek’s (cataloger of police & firefighter associated items) revenues come from commerce reveals.

Is this an extra income you might be passing up? Does your corporation lend itself to selling at commerce reveals? Don’t simply sit there, go the place your clients are, irrespective of the place that could be!

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: Computer Discount Warehouse gross sales are rising at 60%. Their secret? “We service the hell out of our prospects and supply them with superior merchandise and costs.”

Making essentially the most of your clients will payoff. But do not simply mail them extra catalogs, Communicate. Treat them identical to they’re particular, as a result of they’re. Put collectively a finest buyer membership for them. Hit them with customized letters, newsletters, postcard reminders and extra.

CATALOG MARKETING FACT:A private letter together with your catalog can enhance response by as a lot as 25%.

When sending out a catalog in an envelope, put a letter in there, make it highly effective, give them a particular provide, bonus or low cost coupon. If you are not utilizing envelopes to mail out catalogs to new requesters, contemplate it. The letter can actually enhance your response. And do not restrict your self to that 25% determine, strive for one hundred%! Come up with a fantastic provide and a strong letter. Need concepts? D-mail me at

CATALOG MARKETING FACT:Gymboree (youngsters’s clothes & toys) on mailing of first catalog bought a H% response from an inventory of their retail prospects, B% from exterior lists.

Your clients are at all times your greatest wager. Although prospects out of your retail retailer may be exhausting to guage. If they don’t seem to be mail order patrons, they’re onerous to transform. Consider a mailing that additionally encourages them to come back again to the shop, not simply order from the catalog.

That B% from outdoors lists would not look too good. I’d take a better take a look at that number of lists. Watch out for these checklist brokers, they often have you ever mailing to a broad group of picks. Try totally different sources, equivalent to checklist buying and selling.

CATALOG MARKETING FACT:A giant cataloger started publishing a catalog of extra objects calling it their “Outlet Catalog” it was printed on newsprint, tabloid model, with crimson as a 2nd coloration. It’s greatest success was when mailed to lapsed prospects, reactivating H% to 10% of those previous clients.

It pays to be totally different and take a look at completely different strategies. Your clients might get uninterested in the identical previous catalogs. Plus it is very important appear to be you sound. What did I simply say? What I imply is in case you are speaking large financial savings and closeouts, appear to be a reduction catalog, use low cost paper and warehouse-wanting design.

Plus, this brings up one other level, do not quit in your clients with out a combat. It might not be that they give up shopping for, it is in all probability since you stop promoting. (Hey, I like that one, I’ll grasp it on the wall with a few of my different nice sayings.) Try various things earlier than you hand over on that buyer… perhaps a catalog in an envelope with a particular letter and low cost coupon.

Even strive placing them in your “Best Customer Club.” (If you need them to be good clients, making them appear to be good prospects might assist. Well, it made sense to me. If all the pieces else fails, ship them a particular private letter and ask them why they are not shopping for from you! (Tell them about your ravenous youngsters.) Their response will likely be fascinating and enlightening. I’ve seen these letters disgrace quite a lot of outdated consumers into shopping for once more.

CATALOG MARKETING FACT: Back within the eighty’s Fingerhut examined mailing to its buyer record 30 instances per yr as a substitute of the standard 20 instances. After one 12 months they discovered that it produced higher gross sales with out diluting the profitability.

As I at all times say: “Don’t be afraid to mail too usually, simply be afraid of not mailing sufficient!” Many catalogers have sophisticated methods of mailing to clients based mostly on their shopping for historical past. The finest prospects could get a catalog each week.

Also contemplate smaller specialty catalogs mailed to prospects who’ve purchased this sort of product prior to now. For instance, Computer Discount Warehouse might mail out an H or 12 web page catalog or publication type mailing providing a sure choice of software program, and even push only one merchandise.

5 Distinct Qualities of the Best Catalog Printing Companies

Catalog’s certainly create a powerful marketing channel for large businesses to reach out to thousands of customers every month. Mid-sized and small businesses can also use the catalog marketing method to generate more orders and sales. A well printed mail order catalog will not only attract new customers, it will also provide information that will increase the orders from old customers.

The first step towards successful catalog printing is to locate a reliable printing company. You must find a company that has sufficient experience in printing your company’s type of catalog. In this post, we will be discussing some of the most important qualities that the best catalog printing companies should have.

Excellent Print Quality

The ability to provide premium quality work, in as many print formats as you need, is the first quality you should look out for. You can ascertain the level of quality that a catalog printer can provide by requesting for samples. Make sure you request for samples with different types of folds, covers, binding and die-cuts. If the printing company cannot produce high quality samples, there’s no reason to build a relationship with them.

Prompt Delivery

Catalogs are usually released on a monthly basis. So they must be printed promptly and be ready for mailing by a specific date every month. Therefore, the printer must have a strong sense of urgency and the ability to consistently deliver your job on time. Any catalog printing company or vendor that cannot provide timely work will eventually become a liability to your organization.

In order to know how effective the company’s delivery system is, you should test them with a small job that does not have a very urgent deadline. Remember that when you start the actual catalog printing, the delivery period will also include the time for mailing. For a more accurate assessment, you can consult references who have been dealing with the printing company for a reasonably long time.

Competitive Prices

The service fees charged by top rated printing companies for the same type of catalog will be similar. However, you should focus on the breakdown of the total cost. This will help you to know how the prices of a particular vendor compare with others. Therefore, you should request for quotes from at least three top-tier printers. Then ask for a detailed breakdown of the service fees charged by each company. You may be amazed at the differences in the way each company allocates fees to various activities, raw materials and services.

Up-to-date Printing Technology

The easiest way to assess the equipment and production methods of any printing company is to visit their plant. As you take this tour, you will be convinced about their corporate culture and capacity to meet your expectations. When you meet the people who will print, bind, and mail your catalog, you will discover several things that you can’t easily know by simple phone conversations. For instance, you can easily observe the level of coordination, cleanliness, and cohesion among the workers in the plant.

In addition, you will know if they have the right equipment to print your catalog to your specifications. Preferably, you should opt for a printer that specializes in printing catalogs rather than general book or magazine printing. A specialist will be more creative and will be able to provide other value added services that are directly related to the success of your catalog marketing programs.

Efficient Logistics and Mailing Management

Apart from printing your catalogs in an efficient and cost effective manner, a top-notch catalog printer will offer good logistics and efficient mailing processes. This is very vital for the prompt delivery of the catalogs to the end user every month. For example, the company you work with should be able to serve as a mailing list manager, a postal consultant, and offer catalog delivery tracking. They should have a well maintained database that you can use to monitor the effectiveness of your catalog marketing campaign. Some companies even provide co-mailing partnership opportunities that will help you to lower the cost of your catalog mailing when it is scheduled along with the mailing of other clients’ catalogs.


Selecting one of the best catalog printing companies for your business is a very important process. You should also take time to call up references and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of any company you plan to work with. However, you should also realize that dealing with catalog printing company is like building a relationship. So you should be prepared to accommodate a few unpleasant occurrences once in a while.