Best Online Catalog Printing

Catalog printing can be an important consideration for your business. If you are a mail order business of high end products, or if you are a business that just needs to have a catalog on hand in the showroom, then the best possible catalog printing services are what you need. It is important for businesses that need the best catalogs to remember that their customers are expecting high quality products, and their feelings about the product will be influenced by the catalog in which they read about the product. The quality of the catalog may not be related to the quality of the product, but if you skimp out on the catalog in an effort to cut a few corners and save a few cents per catalog, then you may risk the customer’s opinion of the products that the catalog is offering. An expensive product in a cheap and flimsy catalog may raise some eyebrows and cast subtle aspersions upon the business you have worked so hard to build. The point is not to save money on a slightly cheaper catalog because a more expensive one won’t gain buyers. The point is to have the best because you provide the best product.

The Best

Customers who are going to buy a high quality product may not need to be convinced of it. It is entirely possible that this particular customer has already decided to purchase your businesses product, and is set upon doing so. They will have learned and read about it elsewhere, decided on the merits, and be on their way to make the purchase. But if they encounter a low-quality catalog on their way, it might just change their mind. What is this product that they were so confident in a moment ago, doing advertising itself in this cheap catalog, that is flimsy and obviously sub par? Why would the makers of a supposedly top-end product put it in a catalog that is average at best? These are questions that they might put to rest, but they are best left unasked. If you have a product that is the best, it is an unwise choice to put it in a catalog that is not also the best. People take subtle cues from everything, and if your competitor advertises an equivalent product in a way that confers quality and substantiality, while you advertise your product in the cheapest catalog you could get, there may be problems ahead for your business.

The best catalog printing is not an easy thing to come by. By definition there will only be one “best” catalog printing service. However, there are likely to be at least a few that fall within the top tier. These services however, are small in number. Because the best of the best are necessarily such a small and exclusive group, the likelihood that this particular outstanding service will happen to be within a short drive of your business is very low. It could be that it is right next-door, but for the majority of businesses that are in need of very high quality catalogs, the best is likely only accessible from the Internet. The best way to be sure that you are getting the best possible printing is to compare the widest number of businesses that want to print your catalog, and then select the best one. When there are more possible choices, there is generally more access to a more preferred outcome. Because of this, it is wise to look to the internet and get the best online catalog printing.

Law of Diminishing Returns

It is true, that after a certain point, additional units of quality in a catalog will yield ever diminishing returns in boosted sales. However, when advertising the best product, it is a good idea to be careful with trying to save on a catalog. The profit margin on a top end product should be high enough to cover a top end print job. After all, the quality of the catalog is not meant to gain new customers, it is meant to reinforce the ideas about your product that the customers have acquired elsewhere. Their conception of the product as the best is solid, what you need to do is avoid giving them a reason to doubt themselves. What better way than to actually have the best catalog. Sure, you could save a few pennies and they might not notice. But a company providing the best should feel comfortable providing the best catalogs. And if you want the absolute best catalog, you will almost certainly have to utilize an online catalog printing service.

Why Are Printed Catalogs Still Around?

A lot of people are surprised that catalogs even exist anymore. It costs a lot of money to create and mail a first rate catalog and the Internet was supposed to handle the catalog job. What happened? The answer turns out to be pretty complicated.

For starters, a lot of people like printed catalogs, printed anything, really. A recent survey of readers asked how they’d feel if the magazine became an online e-zine. There was a near revolt: 95% loudly preferred the printed version.

Printed material is tactile. Except for the laborious task of turning pages, dealing with something printed is almost passive; you don’t have to sit in front of a computer, type anything to search. You can hold a catalog in your hands, mark it up, put it down and pick it up again a day later. It can, and often does, stay in the house for weeks.

Even with everyone on the Internet, thanks to the various formats, catalogs are still mailing in the billions (with a b) and the reason from the marketers’ perspective is the foundation of direct marketing: catalogs work! They more than pay for the costs of getting them into the hands of customers and prospects.

Still, there were “only” 12.738 billion catalogs mailed in 2010 (about 35 for every man, woman and child in the country), down from 13.684 billion in 2009. That’s a drop of nearly 7%. A lot of the money not spent on catalogs is invested in SEO, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and improving ecommerce websites.

How people order from catalogs

Not too long ago, there were only three, maybe four, ways to place a catalog order: mail, telephone, visit a store or deal with a local rep like the Avon lady.

Now, a great many catalog orders actually come via the Internet. People read the catalog, decide what they want, and then go online to place the order.

Judging from people I know (and from my own rather profligate ordering of “stuff”), there doesn’t seem to be a lot of consistency in how people order. In the last year, I’ve used all four ordering “channels” to order things I saw in paper catalogs.

Wanting to learn more about how and why people order and how companies deal with the issue, I called the very pleasant Sheila Howell, VP of Marketing for “Improvements”. Their terrific catalog had just arrived in the mail. Here are some of the things I learned:

All of their product descriptions, in print and online, are rich with key words to increase their SEO. Improvements pays very close attention to detail.

The company asks customers for reviews and they get more than a few that are lengthy and detailed.

There’s usually a spike on the website when print catalogs are delivered.

Catalogs go out every month, more frequently just before the Holidays. Customers who use multiple channels to order are the most valuable and the company tracks orders to see where customers came from. The customer demographic, roughly, is 70% women, 50+, married and a homeowner.

Customers with the best LTV (Life Time Value) are not always the people who originally came through the catalog channel. PPC orderers can be just as valuable over time. That surprised me.

The question is always “Do we market differently depending on the channel?” and the answer seems to be both yes and not really. It’s all multichannel-potential marketing but many customers stick with one channel, catalogs for instance, but most use more than one channel.

Improvements has a tight budget for efforts which drive some traffic to their website with mixed results.  As you’d expect from the demo, customers are sociable enough but they’re not necessarily looking to purchase through that channel. The company’s Pinterest site gets a lot of hits but no meaningful sales conversions to date.

My takeaways?

  1. It’s the same customers no matter which channel she uses to order
  2. Ask your customers for reviews via email after their purchase and post the best reviews on your site
  3. Mailed pieces lift (paid) responses to your website so it’s a good idea to test and track them
  4. Pay attention to detail
  5. As Sheila says, test, test, test.

The Top Online Catalog Printing Companies

Online catalog printing services are a great way to save money, time, and effort. Utilizing online catalog printing services is a useful way to get catalogs printed, and should be considered by anyone with a business that will utilize catalogs in their business model. Not having transport costs, and using the time spent traveling to a physical location could represent a savings of money. Further, having a wider number of services to choose from might get a better deal. Not having to travel back and forth will save time, and the ability to order from your computer will also save a considerable amount of time in the catalog printing process. Further, the selection process will likely be faster. Effort will also be saved. The process of going to the printing service takes effort. Choosing from among multiple services and then calling or visiting their premises can take a substantial amount of time.

Saving Money

When seeking to get catalogs printed, the costs associated with printing are important to consider. The more money that you spend on catalog printing and the associated catalog printing services, the less profit the business will turn. The overhead should be kept as low as possible, and so saving money on catalog printing services is important. This is especially true if a large number of catalogs are going to be printed. Online catalog printing services are a great way to save money with your catalog printing needs. A wider selection of services will likely allow you to get a better deal for your catalog prints. Less time and money spent on traveling to the physical store location is a benefit of online catalog printing services. Any way to save money on your overhead costs is worth thinking seriously about.

Saving Time

Using online catalog printing services can save you a great deal of time. Traveling to and from the printing shop where you would otherwise have to go to have catalogs printed, can take a substantial amount of time. You have to travel to the store, interact with the staff, travel back to your home or business, travel back to the printing shop, and then return to the business. In addition to travel times and having to have conversations about the business of printing, the time spent on choosing a business by travelling there or calling different businesses will be saved as well because comparing the options available online is much faster.


Online catalog printing services are substantially easier to utilize than in-person and in-store printing services for catalogs or other printing needs. The ability to effortlessly browse through the web and select the option with the right mix of price, quality, and services provided for you, represents a substantial savings of the effort involved in getting catalogs printed. Further, just clicking a button and having the products you need delivered right to you or the place of your choosing is substantially easier than delivering them yourself or hiring a common carrier on your own to transport the catalogs to the distributor.

Overview: Cheap Catalog Printing Services

Catalog printing services can be expensive. When printing catalogs, the amount you spend on them is an important consideration. If you spend too much on catalog printing services, then the overall profit you can earn from your business is diminished. The more catalogs you intend to print, the more paying too much for these printing services affects your overhead costs because the amount spent in excess of what is necessary is magnified. When choosing a catalog printing service, you should assess the quality of the service carefully. High quality printing services are available, but not all are the same price. Some cheaply priced catalog printing services can have very good quality for a great price. Some other services however, may charge too much and not deliver the quality to justify their higher prices. Even in this case, it is wise to consider the law of diminishing returns when choosing the amount that you wish to spend on catalog printing services. When it comes to printing catalogs, cheaper is better.

 Number of Catalogs Printed

When you intend to print a small number of catalogs, the amount that is spent on printing the catalogs is still an important consideration in your businesses budget. However, the amount the overhead is increased by an error in how much to spend on catalog printing might be negligible. But when the number of catalogs that you intend to print for your business is high, any unnecessary expenditure in catalog printing per catalog will be magnified over the amount of catalogs that will be printed.

 Quality of Printing Service

When considering having catalogs printed, the number of catalogs to be printed is important, but so is the quality of the printing services. Cheap catalog printing services are a worthwhile consideration in this area. When spending a large amount of money on catalog printing, be sure that you are not overpaying. Over priced services is a waste of your businesses money and reduce the amount of profit that can be had in a given number of transactions. Some catalog printing services might produce high quality results, but how high does the quality need to be. Consider that the catalog must be of an acceptable quality to retain customers and serve the purposes of the business that is ordering the catalogs. However, any quality paid for above this amount of quality is wasted. The lowest possible price that can be paid for catalog printing services while still maintaining an acceptable level of quality should be the target. If there is waste, it brings down profits and acts as an opportunity cost. The amount of money that could have been saved, could have been invested in other aspects of the business, recovered as profit, or saved. It is also important to consider whether a quality printing service is actually delivered. Paying too much for quality not received is even more of a loss to your business. Cheap printing services are a worthwhile consideration for any business that seeks to use catalogs as part of their business model.

Important Types of Catalog Printing

Any business worth its salt will have a catalog for customers and potential customers to look through. Whether the business is selling clothing or housewares, furniture or food, an attractive catalog can keep customers shopping and buying. Since catalogs are such a necessity it’s important for companies to understand what options are available when printing them. Often times choosing the right types of catalog printing can make a big difference in how the end product looks, feels, and how it sucks in the target audience.

Digital Printing

Perhaps the most common method in use for catalog printing today is digital printing. With digital printing the electronic file is transferred directly into a computer, and the images are applied to the paper by the print machine. Simplified, digital printing is like a large-scale version of what happens when someone clicks the “print” icon on his or her home computer. This method is simple, easy, and it can be used both on small or large runs of a printed item. This means that whether a small, local company needs 50 catalogs for their customers, or an international chain wants 100,000 times that many products it can be handled with the same machine and the same programming.

Offset Lithography

Originally invented in the late 1800s, offset lithography is less popular today than it has been in the past. It is by no means dead however, and it is still a valid way to produce catalogs. In this method printers use metal plates to transfer the ink to a rubber drum, and that drum will then be used to press the ink onto the printing paper. Used very commonly in newspaper presses and in other large-scale printing operations offset lithography saves on ink and is a relatively inexpensive method of printing. It works best for products that will have a large run though, like national catalogs, large daily papers, and even novels that will sell many thousands of copies.

Electrostatic Printing

Electrostatic printing is another method of printing catalogs, but unlike other methods which use ink and pressure electrostatic printing uses an electrical charge and toner. Similar to how a Xerox machine works, electrostatic printing transfers the image to paper in what’s called a dry process. While the paper might be a little warm once the printing is done, there’s no ink to dry so there’s no worrying about smearing, bleeding, or any of the other problems that tend to come with wet printing choices. While this printing method is not ideal for all print jobs, it is best used for relatively small runs of catalogs and other printed media.

While these are not the only printing methods available on the market today, these are the most common types of catalog printing that a business is likely to come across. While other decisions such as the weight of the paper, the font of the text, and even whether or not the pages should be glossy or plain also come into the printing process, these printing methods are going to be some of the biggest decisions made with regards to a catalog.

Online Catalog Printing Service

Catalog printing is an often overlooked or under-appreciated aspect of business. However, if your business model depends on the types of sales that are typically generated through catalogs, they can form a substantial part of your overhead. If your business does not generate sales through catalogs only, but incorporates them into other aspects of the business then there are different considerations involved in getting them printed. There are several aspects to catalog printing that are worth careful consideration and evaluation. The amount of the overhead of the business that the catalog will ultimately represent is important to think about. The amount of catalogs necessary to be successful must be balanced against the quality and costs of the catalogs themselves. Further, the quality required of the catalog must be evaluated in relation to the purpose of the catalog and the types of products in the catalog. The customers must also be considered as well. Customer demographics, purchasing intentions, and product qualities are all also important factors to consider in catalog printing. Because there are so many factors to consider, and because of the technical requirements of certain catalogs, it is worthwhile to invest some time in researching a good online catalog printing service.


The overhead involved in operating a particular business type must be carefully calculated. If the overhead is left unchecked in an effort to accelerate the brand, the profits may all be lost. Overhead can eat profits quickly if it is not controlled and accounted for. If your business model incorporates a substantial portion of sales being from revenue earned from catalog based transactions, the cost of catalogs becomes very important. If you are just printing a few catalogs, it is less so. However, when you print a great deal of them, you must be careful to get the best deal possible. The quality should be good enough to prevent the loss of customers, and even to gain more sales, but you must be wary of the law of diminishing returns. After a time, investing in higher quality catalogs will not result in more sales, and you should seek the price point that is closest to this line for your business. Because this requires a great deal of comparisons of prices between different catalog printing services, it is best to use an online service. If you are limited to the services that are within your geographic area, those to which you can drive to and have them print out your order, then you will be limiting the prices that can be in your price comparison. The likelihood that the best possible price is within driving distance is very low, and so an online service should be used because it gives you greater flexibility in choosing the company that you use.

As mentioned above, the number of catalogs has a substantial impact on the type of catalog printing service that is required. If you require a great deal of catalogs for your business, the number that you need should influence the manner in which the catalogs are purchased. A mail order business that only has a small circulation might get away with a local catalog printer, even though better deals are probably available online. However, if you are going to print a large number of catalogs, the above considerations become even more important. The wasted expenditures that are the cost of choosing an inefficient operation for your catalog printing will be magnified across the size of the order of catalogs. If you are going to print many, the business could suffer drastic consequences from even a few poorly chosen printing contracts. The best idea is to go online and choose an online printing service that suits your needs and allows you to get the price you need for your business to be successful.


The number of options available from an online printing service is also likely to be higher. If you have a need for a specific type of paper, a specific type of ink, or a specific way of doing the printing, your ability to find a printer that offers these specialties for your catalog is greatly enhanced by searching for an online catalog printing service.

How to Find Quality Catalog Printing

Many companies print catalogs to send to their customers showcasing their products and merchandise. Many of these companies rely heavily upon catalog sales to generate income and keep them in business. There are also many companies that rely solely upon catalog sales for their business. For this reason it is extremely important to find a quality catalog printing company.

Catalog printing is a very cost effective way to increase the sales of your company. It is important to use high quality photos and printing techniques to appeal to your customers. By using an attractive, high quality printing for your catalog, sales booklets or marketing pamphlets you will appeal to your customers. For companies that rely solely on catalogs for sales it is extremely important to have a high quality product. Customers will base the quality of whatever product you are offering on how nice your sales catalog is. If your catalog is not professional looking, easy to read and appealing, your customers may go elsewhere to order what they need.

Your Catalog Is An Extension Of Your Business

When you send out catalogs to your customers you are sending out a message about your company and its image. A professional quality catalog will send out the message that your business is professional and high quality. A confusing, cluttered and low quality catalog will send out the message that your company does not care about the details and is not making a quality product. So it is very important that your catalog sends the right message to your customers.

Having A High Quality Catalog Will Increase Your Sales

When your catalog is user friendly and offers many full color pictures, high quality paper and an organized layout it will increase the sales that you get through that catalog, Having an attractive and professional looking catalog can also entice new customers to look into your products and services further increasing your profit margin.

Catalogs Are A Great Way To Market Your Products And Services

Catalogs provide you with the opportunity of marketing your products and services to a population that would not normally be able to take advantage of them. For instance if you have a business in Sydney you can market your products to people all over Australia, not just in the Sydney area. You can even market your products to people around the world, further expanding your sales base and increasing your profit. The very nature of catalogs and the exposure that they give you demands that you use the highest quality catalog printing service available to take full advantage of the limitless sales opportunity that they provide. Sales catalogs can be taken anywhere and go anywhere giving you an unlimited potential.

Catalogs Are Convenient For Your Customers

Another great aspect to catalogs is that they allow your customers to shop at their convenience and browse at their own discretion. This is especially beneficial in the fast paced and busy world in which we live.

How to Design a Product Catalog

Making a product catalog is an effective way to expand your customer base and to expose your customers to all of the amazing products that your company offers. A catalog has the potential to reach those customers who will never set foot in your store. As long as you know what to include in your product catalog and present it in an organized and visually-appealing way, you will be able to transform your catalog from an idea to a tangible advertising tool in no time.

  1. Make sure you have all of the ingredients in place before beginning any design steps. The content you’ll need before you make the catalog includes images of the products, a list of products and product features, and a list of other content that needs to be written, such as information about the company, customer testimonials, and any other information that will help your customers make the right decision.
  2. You may be tempted to take your own images to save money, but unless you yourself are a professional photographer, it’s best to hire a professional to take images for you. Your product photographs are one of the most important aspects of the catalog since this is what customers will see first. An appealing image will encourage customers to read the description and, hopefully, make a purchase.
    • If you have photography skills and feel comfortable taking the pictures yourself and own a digital camera, set the camera on the highest resolution and follow product picture protocol: use individual, not group pictures of products on a light background, add a drop shadow to make the products leap off of the page, and upload them at no lower than 300 dpi.
  3. Know your product features. Before you write the content about each product, you’ll need to know all of the technical specifications of each one. You can also assign item numbers and prices, including original and discount prices. You may also want to jot down any benefits that come to mind while sorting through your products. Though you may want to tell readers every little thing there is to know about each product, you should only give them the information that will help them make a decision. You can direct them to your website if they want even more information about the product.
  4. Choose an appropriate size for your catalog. You should pick a convenient size for your catalog to be when it’s closed. Depending on where it will be used, whether it’s on an airplane or on a desk in a waiting room, you’ll need to consider the most convenient size for your product so your customers aren’t overwhelmed by an overly-large catalog or aren’t frustrated by a catalog that is too small to let them clearly see the images and information about the products they are considering.
  5. Choose the right amount of pages. Your catalog needs to be long enough to give your customers all the information they need, but short enough to keep their interest and to not bog them down in extra details. Don’t forget about a table of contents, any products that may be featured on an entire page, and additional informational pages, such as the company history.
    • Make sure that your pagination is consistent. You can make it easy for customers to find your website address and number by putting them on each of your two-page spreads. You can list your phone number on the bottom right of each page and your website URL on the bottom left, or do the reverse. You can also place one on the top or one on the bottom.
    • Be sure to keep the page count in 4 page increments since printing companies print 4 pages on an entire sheet of paper (2 on the front and 2 on the back).
  6. Keep each description short, between 50-150 words. You will want to include the features of each product, but be sure to tie small benefits into each feature. And don’t forget about a core benefit. For instance, the grip features of those golfing gloves will provide a more stable hold on the club, but more importantly, customers can golf on a pro-level when wearing these gloves (core benefit). Help customers select the right item as you are writing about the products, describing what they need to know about them, from price to weight or dimensions.
    • If you’d like additional writing help, you may consider hiring a copywriter.
  7. When you’re copywriting, you should use short, easy-to-read sentences and paragraphs that avoid overly technical language. Each section of your catalog should have a cover or introductory page that shows a person using one of the products in the section, along with a short article about the benefits of the entire product category. Your content can also include a brief history of the company to make your readers feel more comfortable with your products.
    • You should also create the order form if you will accept faxed or mailed orders.
  8. You’ll need to plan which content will appear on each page. Be sure to place similar products together. Additionally, you should place products that go together near each other as well. For example, if you’re selling upscale men’s dress shoes, you may place shoehorns that will keep the shoes intact for a long time on the same page, because customers who consider nice shoes may be looking for this as well. This is also a great way to show customers something that they didn’t even know they needed.
    • To organize your content effectively, you’ll need to not only have product sections, but an introductory section at the front of the book, an educational section if you want to include articles, as well as a section for return and warranty information. You can intersperse articles throughout the catalog so that buying your products is never far from the customer’s mind.
    • Make sure to use consistent typography and designs so your customers aren’t distracted. However, you should make it convenient to find a specific section by color-coding the tops, bottoms, or sides of the pages of each section.
  9. Use powerful fillers. When you’re trying to reach a 4-page increment, you may need to use some filler pages in your catalog. Make these fillers promote the purpose of your catalog — selling products. Including the history of your company will help customers be more comfortable buying your products. So will customer testimonials and guarantees. Anything that will put a customer’s mind at ease and legitimize your company will help you make the most of extra real estate.
  10. Create an impressive cover. The cover will be the first thing your potential customers see and it will make or break the success of your catalog. If your cover does not capture attention, the catalog may get thrown in the trash before a customer even opens it. Including feature items, any specials or discounts, and stunning images all encourage a consumer to flip through the pages. If your catalog is seasonal, go with a theme that matches the time of year or an upcoming holiday.
  11. Although creating the order form can be a bit tedious, keep in mind that a customer may give up on buying that one-of-a-kind lamp because the form is too confusing. Including a customer service number will give customers a way to contact you if they get stuck. A perforated form that is addressed makes mailing the order much easier for customers as well. Don’t forget necessities such as a quantity option and both shipping and billing address options. If your customers can also order the product online, let them know that this is an option.
  12. It’s important to create a mock-up of your product catalog before you order hundreds of catalogs and realize you’ve made some organizational errors or visual mistakes. This process will keep you from wasting time on redoing page layouts, and it will give you a sense of what your catalog will actually look like. Unless you have a graphic design background, you should hire or meet with a professional to find the best way to lay out the pages in your catalog.
    • You will discuss your budget, the printer you will use, any tear-out order forms, and the images you want to use. Once you or your graphic design expert will have a sense of these components, you can find a way to lay out the information, and a way to place as many products as you can on one page without crowding them.
    • You can use shapes or other placeholders to represent the images you will eventually use. Once you have everything ready, you can even use the real images, proof the catalog, and have potential buyers take a look at it to get some suggestions before you take it to your printer.
  13. If your catalog is only 4 pages, you could try printing it yourself, but a professional will take less time and ensure quality results. Plus, a commercial printing firm will take care of issues such as page implementation (page order) and creep (outer pages coming out shorter than the inner pages when folded together). A printer will also be able use a much more durable binding technique. Some printing companies even provide mailing services for your convenience. Just make sure to find a printer that you can trust for reasonable prices and professional quality.

Choosing a Catalog Printing Service – 2 Key Factors to Consider

When the concept of online catalog printing was introduced to the market, printing industry has completely revolutionized. Businessmen and clients enjoy quality services and at the comfort of their homes. There are many companies today that offer the services based on what clients need. Some of the services including brochure designing have enabled businessmen in other niches to achieve their marketing and advertisement goals cost effectively. However, when choosing a printing service from a company, whether you are reproducing worksheets, posters, brochures and business cards among other documents, there are two key factors that you should always consider. Convenience and customer service are two crucial factors that you should always keep in mind whether you are a small or a large establishment.


When choosing a catalog printing service, it is imperative to ensure convenience. There are many companies in the market today and the quality of products and services they offer vary greatly. When it comes to convenience, it is essential to look at the pricing and quality of work a company delivers. The final product say of a flyer, a catalog, poster or brochure should enable you to meet your needs best. Find a provider that uses the best tools and has complete knowledge of the products you are looking for to enhance convenience. Additionally, you may need different products for a special function. In this relevance, a provider that delivers quality and specialized catalog printing options is the best to settle for to enhance convenience. Therefore, take time to carry out a background research about a service provider and look at the options it offers. It should guarantee convenience in every aspect ranging from the price to the quality of services it delivers.

Quality of customer service

It is also very important to look for a catalog printing service company that offers quality customer care. In any business, the success of a company largely depends on how clients are handled. Irrespective of printing services you are looking for, it is essential to look for a company that offers personalized attention. It should understand your needs fully and offer customized solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals efficiently. Since many companies allow clients to post testimonials and reviews. Therefore, take time to go through client reviews to learn of how a provider handles its clients. It should offer the best customer care, beat deadlines, should be friendly and highly knowledgeable in the field. A provider should also be dedicated to offer the best options and meet the demands of all your catalog printing orders comfortably. With quality customer care, you can rest assured of the best possible results.

The Catalog Printing Prospective

Every week, years in year out catalogs keep showing up in our mail boxes. This surprises a lot of individuals as they all thought the days of catalog printing are over. The catalog printing business costs a lot of money when it comes to creating and also mailing first rate catalogs. Many people think the internet was supposed to handle this catalog job but the question still remaining is what happened? The answer to the question is quite a complicated one.

For beginners most people like to have printed anything from catalogs to newspapers. Surveys even show that a majority of the population still prefer the printed magazines to the “e-zine”. To be more precise a majority of 95% loudly acclaimed to be much in touch with the printed versions of many reading materials.

The most obvious reason of catalog printing or any other form of printing for that matter is the tactility. The only laborious task one will have to endure is flipping and turning the pages as opposed to the sitting in front of a computer and typing what you need to be searched. Printed catalogs can be held up, put down and picked up again and again for days or even weeks in your home or office.

With majority of the population on the internet, catalog printing is still making profits in the billions and the reason for this is the strong foundation in the direct marketing strategy. They offer more than just paying for the cost of getting them to the consumers or customers. To be more precise 12 billion catalogs were emailed in the U.S alone the years 2010 which was a slight drop from the previous year. The reason for the drop was mainly the increased investment into SEO and PPC which have interned improved e-commerce.

People still order for catalogs through four ways mainly and this keeps the catalog printing business booming but not as previously experienced. With the much investment in improving e-commerce, catalogs are being ordered via the internet, read and the consumer make orders of their desired product online or through other means.

Catalogs are sold each and every month and more orders are made just before holidays are embarked on. Several catalog printing companies have tracked their orders and found that the customer trends are as follows: About 70% of those who order are women; more than 50% of those who order are married and own a home. When it comes to ordering the catalogs there hasn’t been much consistency as per which channel of ordering is most preferred. 

It’s undeniable that catalogs have a huge market share in the marketing world but this does not mean the catalog printing industry has to keep mailing them by the tons. The fact that the industry is not dead does not mean that the overall catalogs mailed will increase in the years to come. Many of the original catalog printing companies of the 80’s have disappeared, bought or even merged with few survivors. The survivability of the catalog industry will be achieved when they shift from mail by the ton prospective to “smart mailing” literally.