Catalog printing tips and tricks: Learn what works and what doesn’t

As you probably know, catalogs can be a very effective method of selling goods or services to your customers. Not only are they effective and relatively inexpensive but also just about everybody understands how to use them. But how can you ensure that your catalog does what you want them to do? It is important to note that being effective does not necessarily mean that they will work for everybody. Below are the things that you need to do to ensure that your catalog printing achieves the marketing purpose for which it was intended.

1. Have a plan

Prior to starting, it is critical that you plan what you want your catalog to do. What do you need it for? Do you want to inform potential clients of the services that you offer? Are you interested in increasing brand awareness? Do you want to showcase your goods or services?

Put your goals in writing and ensure that you do not digress into including the things that are not related directly. You are free to make a more detailed and lengthier catalog when you have the time.

2. Your structure must be clear

For instance, your catalog is to have eight pages. Since one page is going to be the front cover, it means there are only seven that are left for you. For each page of info that you want to have, make use post-it notes. Also, rearrange the pages on a board, table or a wall until you make up your mind on the structure that you want. You may include the following in your pages:
• About Us
• Our Products
• Our Services
• Why we are different
• Pricing
• Market Research
• Facts and Figures
• Large full-out images
• Social Media and contact details

Decide on the amount of space to be taken by each element and remove anything that seems not to add any value.

3. Maintain your brand

Besides the words that you use, it is important that your catalog’s look and feel promote your company’s image and also communicate something about your outlook and philosophy. Irrespective of whether you are setting up a sleek wine bar, or you have a vibrant publishing venture, it is important that the typescripts, image and colors you use remain consistent throughout your catalog and also be on brand.

Fortunately, you probably did majority of this at the time of designing your logo. You probably selected your company colors too, which means that you already have a pattern to follow. If you manage to make your web and printed collateral to look as if they belong together, you are about to make a robust branding statement as well as build a loyal following.

4. Accuracy is the name of the game

Grammatical mistakes and bad spelling can spoil what would have been a magnificent catalog. The result is that your firm may come across as unprofessional. The logic is that if you can easily make a mistake with the printing of your catalog, there are high chances that you will make mistakes with your customers’ projects. Even if you cannot get a professional proofreader, trying getting a couple of other eyes to also go through it. Check and check again to be completely sure of your spellings, grammar and consistency (do not mix US and UK spellings).

5. Keep it compelling

Make sure that your writing is concise, which means avoiding lengthy descriptions and flowery language. In particular, your first paragraph is very crucial. Make it interesting enough and your readers will easily be compelled to continue reading. Ensure that your choice of vocabulary and your sentence length relate to your target audience. Do not use jargon but use professional and conversational tone.
Where possible, include some impact statistics. A shocking or a surprising fact is not only memorable but also creates talking points.

6. Use images of people

Research shows that if you include a real-life image of an individual, the eyes of the reader is likely to be first drawn to image and more so to the eyes. It has also been shown that the mood of the individual in the photo can impact branding and sales.


Catalogs might be the easiest and the most effective ways to market a startup . After all they are easy to use and quite cheap compared to other forms of advertising. For any catalog printing to be effective to your marketing, it is important that you take the above tips into consideration.